The Health Benefits of Raw Potato Juice (and Palm Readers)

by | Jan 6, 2010 | Food and Nutrition, Health | 2 comments

Here’s an interesting story… 

A few weeks ago I was in Key West.  There was a Palm Reader on the street that we passed by every day we were there.  Now I’ve NEVER had my palm read, but felt drawn to this guy.  I didn’t do it the whole week – and on the last night finally got up the courage to sit in his chair!  It was interesting, his comments were spot on – and he gave me a remedy to help my stomach.  Mind you I didn’t tell him anything, or ask any questions – I just sat down and showed him my hands.

I have had some sort of inflammatory issue in my gut for many years…(I’m thinking since I was about 12)  Know that it has prohibited any type of weight loss and proper usage of nutrients.  I also tore my rectus more than 8 years ago, and things in my belly are slow if impossible to heal.  It’s much better, but I can do almost nothing and feel it begin to tear again and I don’t really know what will set it off until it’s too late.  So it’s been a long haul getting me back to health, and after quite a few years of not being able to use my abs for support – I’ve managed to create all sorts of compensation patterns for torso control, support, and movement!

I can either laugh or cry about this since I teach how important it is to have your center working properly for whole-body health!  I continue to learn new things all the time about my body and what it needs to continue on the journey to optimal wellness, and to get there ALL of our muscles and organs have to function properly.

Ok, back to my palm reading experience…  He told me to drink the juice of 1 raw potato, 1 raw carrot, and a handful of grapes, every morning for a month.  On the first day of my juicing experience, as I was sitting at my computer and slowly sipping on my potato juice, I decided to surf the web and see what I could find about the benefits of potato juice, since it’s not something I’ve ever considered putting in my juicer, and here’s a bit of the info I found:

Raw Potato Juice Has the Following Medicinal Virtues:

  • It is one of the most alkaline foods
  • It dissolves away uric acid and lime
  • It helps prevent the fermentative process in the intestines
  • It helps the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract

Raw potato juice has been used to benefit scurvy, rheumatism, digestive system disorders, skin blemishes, swelling, and I even found an article about the benefits of drinking raw potato juice to help cure cancer!

I’m not sure that I can condone or believe that Potato juice is a cure-all.  This is food not medicine we’re talking about here.. But I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and we get the information we need when we are ready and open to receive it.  I know that this interesting little drink is definitely beneficial for me and my stomach (and how from reading my palms was I given the info is beyond my comprehension…)  But I’m grateful for the messenger, and that I took a bit of time to research why it was recommended.

It’s been a few weeks now… I feel stronger, more energized, and it’s getting easier for me to push my abs to do more without strain.  My food and diet choices are changing too.  Don’t know who’s out there reading this that’s looking for something interesting to consider for improved digestion, but you might look into the benefits of potato juice and see if it’s appropriate for you!

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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  2. FVP

    Happy to hear that you found your way to better health. you can rest assured that others have seen your page. my use with potato juice is to calm the pain from so-called arthritis pain. I use to motocross and of course broke bones here and there. got a wake up call when I went to the snow with my children and the pain was awful. tried the pain relievers which was a band aid. long story short grandma had the remedy. when grandma said “drink up” it aint beer grandma, got slap over the head and again “drink up” she told me the benefits of potato juice. now one can find more benefits that this “awful tasting… lol sorry grandma just teasing” thank you grandma.



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