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Creating New Habits

Creating new habits takes time and patience.  We'd all like to find that magic pill, or flip a switch and instantly have things be better.  Well unfortunately not much in life works that way. The choices we've made have gotten us this far, our new choices will...

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Quick Tip to Manage Stress

Here's a Quick Tip to Help Manage Stress... Allow an extra half-hour for everything you do! If you normally schedule all of your appointments and daily chores back-to-back, having one appointment run long will get you off track for the rest of the day. That feeling of...

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The Importance of Spine Extension

Extension the spine is the opposite of flexion. From a terminology standpoint, it’s helpful to be specific. If the cue is “bend the spine” it could move in one of three directions. Forward (spine flexion), Backward (spine extension), or Sideways (lateral flexion). The other direction our spine moves is to rotate or twist. Normally “bending” means flexion, or moving the body forward towards the legs. Extension would be taking the body backwards in the opposite direction, OR un-bending.

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