Simple Seated Knee Exercise

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Strengthen the Quadriceps & Improve Patella (knee cap) Tracking to Help Reduce Knee Pain

This is the second knee exercise in the “TV” Knee Series to help strengthen the muscles around the knees especially the Quadriceps and also improve tracking of the Patella (knee cap) as you straighten the leg.  This is a simple knee exercise that you can do at work or at home (even while you’re watching TV or working in front of your computer!)  All you need is a chair.

If the muscles of the Quadriceps along the front of the thigh are not working properly, the knee cap may not be tracking in its proper groove, which can be a contributing factor to knee injury or pain.

Check out the Knee Cap Dance exercise if you need to practice a preparatory exercise before progressing to this more challenging “TV” series, Seated Knee exercise.

Seated Knee Lift and Extend (“TV” Knee Exercise #2)


Simple Steps for the Seated Knee Lift Exercise
(“TV” Knee Series – Exercise #2)

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair.  (if it’s taller so your knees are lower than your hips to start, the exercise will be easier.)
  2. Be sure that you maintain good body alignment and tall posture all throughout the exercise.
  3. Sitting in front of a mirror can help you see your posture and alignment to be sure you’re doing things as correctly as possible.
  4. Take a deep breath in to sit taller,  as you inhale, pull your stomach in for better support and lift your knee up.
  5. Inhale and hold the leg up, exhale and straighten the leg while lifting or pulling the knee cap up the front of the thigh.  Hold this position for a few seconds.
  6. Inhale to bend the knee – still holding the leg up, and exhale to pull your Abs in, and lower the leg back to the floor.
  7. Repeat this same exercise with your other leg.
  8. Do 5-10 repetitions on each side, or as many repetitions as you can while maintaining good alignment and posture.

This Seated Knee exercise for the Quadriceps and Patella seems simple, but the challenge lies in your ability to maintain tall posture and proper body and leg alignment throughout the  exercise.  Not only can this exercise help to reducing knee pain by improving the strength of the muscles around your knees, it also helps strengthen your abdominal and back muscles for better posture.

Use this simple seated knee exercise to help keep the pressure off  your legs AND still get a great workout.  Stay tuned for more “TV” Knee Series – Knee Strengthening exercises to help you enjoy pain-free knees, and live a happy and healthier life!


If you missed the post for the 1st “TV” Knee Series Exercise – Click Here to read, refresh, and review the Seated Knee Lift Exercise.

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