Foot Fitness Is Important To Help Maintain A Healthy Body & Optimal Structural Support

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 A building will topple to the ground if the foundation for its structure isn’t sound and stacked correctly, one brick on top of the next.  We increase our risk of injury and unnecessary wear-and-tear on our system if our human structure is out of whack.

The Foundation of our Structure is the Feet:

To maintain and improve our structural foundation, proper foot care, and foot fitness is a MUST!  Good health starts from the ground up.

Just like the foundation for a house, or high-rise office building, the basement has to be build right.  It doesn’t take much, but a little attention to the 52 bones in your feet, and supporting muscles can go a long way towards improving the balance of everything from the ground up!  It might be possible to trace almost every issue, pain, or problem that we experience back to our feet…

How often to you take the time to exercise your feet?
Not just stand, walk, or run on them, but actually “exercise” them?

3 Tips To Improve Foot Fitness, Structural Support,
Posture, & Whole-Body Health

  1. Do Pilates
    Footwork is an important part of Pilates.  Exercising barefoot, and utilizing the resistance of the springs on the Reformer, Cadillac, and Chairs, along with the Pilates Foot Corrector, can help stretch and strengthen your feet – the foundation of good posture.
  2. Spend Time Barefoot
    Walking barefoot at the beach is an excellent way to stretch and strengthen your feet.  Other barefoot wellness activities are great too.  Yoga, Dance, Tai Chi, Martial Arts…these activities have you bending, stretching, moving, and balancing your body to provide a healthy foot fitness workout.
  3. Exercise Your Feet
    Practice specific foot care exercises as a part of your weekly workout routine.  Walking and running (whether you’re wearing shoes, or going barefoot) is not enough to stretch and strengthen ALL the parts of your feet that really need exercise to maintain healthy feet and a well-balanced body.

It doesn’t tons of extra time every week, but think about it…If you expect your feet to provide a stable, well-balanced foundation to support your body for a lifetime of good health.  How much time to you actually spend taking care of your feet?  It’s easier to be proactive and care for them before they hurt, rather than scramble to try and get back to good health.

Either way – a little focus on foot care and exercising the feet can go a long way towards helping you maintain good posture and enjoy great structural support for a healthy body and active life.


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Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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