Emotional Health & Well-Being: Get Healthy from the Inside Out

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Have you ever been on an emotional rollercoaster of highs & lows?  Can you remember how your brain and body felt during this time?  Did you take care of yourself?  Eat healthy foods?  Exercise? Get plenty of rest, sunshine, and fresh air?  Or did everything you know you should be doing to stay healthy come to a screeching halt because you felt like crap?

I’ve always been fascinated by the brain-body connection.  It’s so true that how we think is how we feel, and underlying emotions – positive or negative can have a dramatic effect on our whole-body health.

The programming we get from outside forces, peer pressure, family comments/support are only a small part of what potentially puts us on an emotional rollercoaster.  More than external forces, the little voice inside our very own head is the one we really need to wake up and listen to. 

Is the “Little You” feeding YOU positive thoughts?

For many people, the little voice in your head can be more destructive than anything else you listen to.  How many times a day do you congratulate yourself for something you’ve done well?  And how about the number of times a day that you berate yourself, tell yourself you’re stupid, crazy, incompetent, or other negative self-programming?  You may not be saying these things out loud, but the words are definitely running through your head.

We are all blessed beings, and here on this planet with a purpose.  Pay attention to your self-talk and start living right for improved emotional health & well-being.  Catch those moments of negative thoughts and behavior and start reprogramming what you say to yourself to get happy from the inside out! 

Even if a part of you doesn’t believe what you’re telling yourself – YET…  Keep talking and in time your thoughts, beliefs, and actions will keep you off the rollercoaster.  Your emotional health and well-being will catch up with the positive thoughts you are flooding your brain with, just like exercising your body to stay strong, healthy, and fit – we need to exercise and train our thoughts to feed our Soul positive energy.  The results might surprise you!

Emotional Health Improvement –  Exercise for the Week:  (Train Your Brain!)

Pay close attention to the “little you” this week.  Notice what you say to yourself.  Every time you catch a negative thought, spin it to a positive one and repeat this new positive thought 3 times. (You can say it to yourself in your head, or for a little extra reinforcement – say it out loud & proud!)

Note how you feel at the beginning of each day, and how you feel at the end of the day after a full day of positive reinforcement from “Little You” to “Big You.”  And if you think about it – drop me a comment at the end of the week and share your experience!

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.

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  1. Niko

    I just read your title and I had to say:”Get healthy from the inside out” is exactly the motto we use for our boot camp fitness group. Just saying 🙂


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