A Fantastic Feet Toe Stretch to Help Reduce Toe Pain and Foot Pain

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Improve the Mobility of your Toes.  Activate, Lift, & Strengthen the Arch of Your Foot.  Help Improve Gait and Foot Action to Walk & Run Faster and Farther with Happy, Healthy Feet.

How flexible is your Foot?  Do your toes bend easily in each direction?  Can you stand or kneel and tuck your toes way under to be securely balanced on the balls of your feet?  How far do your toes bend the other direction to point, like a ballerina in a toe shoe?  Do you run or walk and have stiff ankles and tight muscles in your feet & toes?  Do your feet cramp up a lot and leave you hopping around with calf cramps or foot pain?  Do you have Hammer Toes that fold and buckle from the middle of the toe joints rather than bending from where the toes meet the foot?  Do you EVER take even 5 minutes to do foot-care exercises before or after your workouts to help improve your foot fitness? 

This simple and easy toe stretch can get you started on improving all of the things listed above, plus help you with balance, speed, and better body posture.  Enjoy the benefits of reduced risk of injury and pain-free feet with this simple and easy toe stretch from the book Fantastic Feet!

Did you know that bending the toes down from the knuckles (where the toes meet the foot) helps to stretch the tighter muscles along the top of the foot, and strengthen the weaker arch muscles under the sole of the foot.

To do this stretch and get maximum benefits – use your hands to help manipulate your feet for a great toe stretch.

Find The Knuckles – Foot & Toe Stretch

  • Place your fingers under the sole of the foot and your thumbs on top of the toes.
  • Pull back and down under the ball of the foot, and lengthen the toes out away from the foot while using the thumbs to bend the toes finding the knuckles for a stretch.
  • Lift up underneath the foot a little more under any of the knuckles that are not “popping up.”
  • Hold for at least 3-5 breaths, then release.
  • Repeat this stretch on each foot at least 3 times.

You should easily be able to see all five of the knuckles of your feet ( just like you’d see the knuckles on your hand when you make a fist.)

Check out this video to see how more about how to do  this easy foot-fitness exercise.

Stretch your toes, lift your arches, and improve your foot health in a couple of quick minutes of foot-care a day!

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Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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