Welcoming In the Chinese New Year – 2014: The Year of the Horse

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Health and Success – Paying Attention and Making the Transition with the Green Horse Energy Shift

456916989While I am not an expert in Chinese Astrology, I do find it interesting.  And from my training and teaching Bigu Qigong and studying Yin-Yang and Five-Element Theory, I am always fascinated about the relationship between what I know as a Western American, and what I feel happening physically, mentally and emotionally in my body and my world relative to a Chinese Medicine or Astrology.

While officially the Chinese New Year starts on January 31, 2014, and the Year of the Horse begins on February 4th.  I am already keenly aware that there is an energetic shift happening.

Since I felt the shift before I knew what “Astrological Year” we were transitioning into, it prompted me to do a Google search to learn more about what to expect in 2014.

Last year – 2013, was the Year of the Water Snake.  Water snake – Water element.  As a water-baby and Aquarius by Western Astrology – I’m a super happy, go-with-the-flow water child.  Perhaps some water-happy people drink lots, but personally, I’ve never needed much to drink.  So this change was the first real shift that I noticed.  All of a sudden I am THIRSTY!  In fact I almost cannot consume enough liquid.  I feel like a fish out of water…literally I am drinking all of the time.  WHY?  I truly think my body is trying to balance itself out to transition from the Year of the Water Snake to the Year of the Horse.  I feel like I’ve been pulled out of the water and tossed into the fire!  It’s quite strange how quickly all of this came about at the end of December into early January.

I’ve talked with a few other people who are noticing a similar shift in their chemistry, and the quickening of the pace of what’s happening in their life.  So the best I can encourage is to listen to your body.  Enjoy being productive and active, but take time to rest.  If you’re like me and finding it almost impossible to sleep – take time to meditate, practice deep breathing, and follow the rules I learned with Bigu Qigong to “Eat When Hungry, and Drink When You’re Thirsty.”  Just be aware that if you seem hungrier than usual – it might be because you are more active (if not physically, emotionally/energetically.) And if quenching your thirst is a challenge right now, it might be your body begging for some help with overactive fire energy as we make the transition to shift into the Year of the Green Horse.  And are you eating more because you’re THIRSTY, not hungry?  Pay attention…to stay hydrated and healthy!

So what do you have to look forward to in the Year of the Green Horse?

The year of your birth, dictates the animal sign you fall under for Chinese Astrology.  Depending on your animal sign, and how it relates with horse will tell you how “lucky” 2014 will be for you.  But generally speaking, keep in mind that Green is a Wood Element, and Horse is a Fire Element…  Wood Fuels Fire so it may be an action-packed year for many.  And here are some key thoughts on the energy and power of Horses. ..  Horses are wild animals that like to run free.  Horses have been used for quick transportation, competition, and in China, Horse is connected to speedy success.  Horses like to compete.  They pursue freedom, passion, and leadership.  Many people will have busy schedules to reach their goals in 2014.  Horse is connected to heat, fire, and red.  Horses like social activities and are also connected to love.  Horses are intelligent, but need to be trained to be useful to humans.  Without guidance, a horse will run wild and has no destination.

Our Human WILL needs to be strong in the Year of the Horse to guide our actions to achieve success in both business and life.  Enjoy riding on the energy of Horse, this year is a year of action.  Take time to chart your course to ensure that you head in the right direction to reach your goals.  Listen to your body and find balance of action and rest so you don’t burn up, or burn out in this fire sign.  Make good choices, and take special care of your mind-body health in 2014.

It should be a quite the ride, and a great adventure.  Saddle Up for the Year of the Horse!


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