What Running Shoes to Wear?

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Tips for Selecting the Right Running Shoes

“Aliesa, I watched your Foot Fitness Training video for Runners & Walkers and I know you said you get the “what shoes to wear” question a lot.  At the risk of being one more person with this question, what running shoes would you recommend? 

I am in the market for new shoes and thought I’d see if you have a preference before I purchase any. 

Thank you again for your response and for all the great information on your website.  I look forward to starting my Fantastic Feet exercises!  – RM.

My best answer for figuring out what shoes to wear and selecting the RIGHT Running Shoes for your feet is this…

You’ve got to buy the shoes that fit your feet the best
AND help you maintain correct foot & ankle alignment.

Running Shoe Shopping Tips

I always defer to the footwear specialists at your local running store as they can help you with differences in brands/models, and type of support/cushioning you prefer for your feet.

Don’t be afraid to make the sales clerk drag out LOTS of shoeboxes!!!  The more shoes you try, the more confident you’ll be that you’re purchasing the right running shoes for your feet.

Personally, I usually try everything on that’s in my size.

  • I put both shoes on and stand up to see if my ankles stack evenly over my feet – just standing still.  If in the shoe it “throws” me to the inside or outside of my foot – they’re not the right shoes for me.
  • Then I’ll walk/jog around the store to see if the shoes are throwing my feet and ankles off-balance for my stride.

Focus on Fit, Function, and Fashion for Healthy, Happy Feet!

If a pair of shoes doesn’t fit perfectly, allows me to move with ease, are comfortable in the store, AND I like how they look, (colors/style) they don’t go home with me.  (The same principles apply when I’m shopping for boots, heels, or any other type of shoe.)

It’s great to find something on “sale.”  But a bargain isn’t what’s most important when it comes to keeping your feet happy, healthy, and fit.

Men’s vs. Women’s Running Shoes

On a side note: (RM and others reading this post,) I’m not sure what size shoe you wear, but I prefer to buy MEN’s running shoes.  I find they run wider than the women’s shoes – and that little bit of extra width across the forefoot gives my toes a little more space to move and breathe.  I have less trouble with my toenails and fewer blisters wearing a slightly wider shoe running shoe.  You might find the same is true for you.

If your shoes are tied right, even with more room up front, your foot shouldn’t slop around in your shoe.  So consider trying on both Men’s & Women’s running shoes to see what give you the most comfortable fit.  Then check out my secret strategy for How To Tie Your Tennies”.  Tips for lacing and tying your shoes to keep your arches lifted and soles of your feet working well.

The last time I replaced my running shoes, they didn’t have the style I wanted in the Men’s department, so I tried on everything on the Women’s side of the store – at the request of my husband who was trying to help me shop for shoes!  I ended up leaving without any new shoes…  I know better than to waste $100+ on something that’s not going to work for my feet!

Make a Wise Investment to Select the Right Running Shoes that Fit Your Feet

Selecting the right running shoes is an investment in helping to maintain the good health of your feet.  Determining what shoes to wear shouldn’t just be about how cute the style is, but how well the shoes fit to keep your feet comfortable and safely supported to maintain good alignment so your ankles, arches, and toes can work well.

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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