Tips To Use Foam Roller Exercises To Improve Your Health and Fitness

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foam rollerGet a Stronger Core, Improve Body Awareness and Enjoy Better Support for a Healthy Back and Better Body Mechanics with the Foam Roller Fitness 1 Knee to Chest Core Challenge Exercise

Foam roller exercises are excellent opportunities to improve body awareness and activate the deep muscles throughout the core (Abdominals and Back) that provide stability and support for good posture and healthy movement.

The foam roller is a fun and useful fitness tool that can be used as a warm-up, workout and cool-down!  It’s easy to adjust the challenge by making small adjustments to your alignment and technique so you can work at a pace that’s appropriate for you.  This how-to exercise video is an excerpt from the Foam Roller Fitness Core Challenge Workout Virtual Training Program.

While the 1 Knee Lift to the Chest exercise looks like a leg exercise, the foam roller actually helps you identify and activate the muscles of your torso that are needed to stabilize the body, strengthen your core and protect your back so that you can improve functional movement for the leg at the hip.

Many people overuse the Quadricep muscles, (Rectus Femoris muscle to lift the leg.)  Ideally, the Quad muscles aren’t grippy and grabbing to lift the leg, but the leg floats easily and effortlessly up to the knee to chest position, hinging from the hip with the support of the abs and using the Psoas as the primary hip flexor.  When executed well, the lower back stays firmly and safely pressed against the foam roller throughout the exercise.

If you’re looking for simple exercises to add to your workouts that will give you great benefits for a stronger core, better back support and healthy movement from the hips, this Foam Roller Fitness Core Challenge exercise can be a great addition to your weekly workouts.

Check out this video to discover simple training tips to help you make the most of this fabulous Foam Roller 1 Knee Lift to Chest Core Challenge exercise.


Looking for more training tips and a full-body Foam Roller Fitness Core Challenge Workout you can do on your own at home (or use with your Pilates classes & private training clients.) Get access to the Centerworks Awesome Workshops™  Foam Roller Fitness Virtual Training Program to learn all the foam roller fitness exercises in this fun, foam roller Core Challenge workout.

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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