Teachers, Mentors, and Guides – What Importance Do They Have in Your Life?

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Teachers, Mentors, and Guides – A lowly profession, or ray of light to inspire the world?

All I have ever done is teach…  not sure I’m wired to do anything else.  And as a teacher most of my life – gymnastics, dance, fitness, Pilates…  My “job” has been to inspire myself and others to continue to strive to be the happiest, healthiest person possible!  I am human, and not as perfect of a role model as I would really like to be sometimes, but doesn’t that only help me better relate to my students, clients, and community.  We all have obstacles to overcome, struggles to get through, and the knowledge shared with us along the way allows us the opportunity to make better choices to achieve success!  I know that my own personal challenges have only helped me become an even better teacher.

We can be wrong and not even know it…  Learn from our own mistakes (and make a lot of them!)…  Or stand on the shoulders of a teacher to steer us in a more easily navigated direction with fewer pitfalls, and roadblocks on our path to greater knowledge.

Here’s a really inspiring video clip from poet Taylor Mali, titled “What Teachers Make.”

What Do Teachers Make – A Real Difference!

I would not be who  I am today, if it weren’t for the amazing teachers and mentors I’ve had in my life!  Each has been a gift to me, and the knowledge and insights they have shared I can only hope to pass along to help make a difference in the life of another!  What teachers have you had in your life that have helped mold you, shaped your destiny, and truly made a difference?

Thanks to everyone who has allowed me the privilege to “teach” you what I know.  Watching you grow, become healthier, happier, and achieve successes big and small has been what drives me forward to keep teaching.  Every day I learn something new, which gives me one more thing to share.  It’s so exciting.  I love Teaching and can’t imagine doing anything else!

Hope you enjoyed Taylor Mali’s poem “What Teacher’s Make.” Pass it along, and take a moment to think about, and thank the special teachers in your life!

  • What have you become that has been guided by the wise help and support of another?
  • What do you have yet to achieve that might need a teacher’s helping hand to see you to success? Is that teacher in your life – or do you need to seek them out to continue moving forward.

Learning doesn’t stop when we get out of school.

We are all teachers.  We are all students.  Get out there and make a difference in somebody’s life! Your life will be forever changed.  Their life will be forever changed.  The strength of one increases the power of the whole.

If you are inspired to be a Teacher, Mentor, or Guide – Congratulations!  And thank you for sharing!

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.

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  1. Romane

    Great post Aliesa! Certainly without a doubt teachers and mentors are role models and no one is perfect we learn from our mistakes.Everything we have in life can be attributed to what we have been taught and who taught us more than our teachers and mentors ?They act as leaders in our lives for they have proven to us what is possible of us .


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