Sit or MOVE? Which One is Best for Your Body and Your Health?

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And why does it matter if you sit or MOVE anyway?

Sit or Move

Let’s face it, we’re spending way too much time parked on our rumps, not thinking about whether we sit or move.  You know it’s bad when they start naming new health problems that are directly related to how much we’re sitting.  Have you heard of gluteal amnesia? It can be directly related to lack of movement and muscle atrophy because we’re not doing what we need to be doing to activate, strengthen, and use our muscles to MOVE! Sit on your butt for too many hours a day and your glutes get lazy, hips, hamstrings, and quads get tighter which leads to more low back pain, as well as hip pain, knee pain, and problems with your neck and shoulders.

It’s so “relaxing” to park your butt in a chair and chill out, but is this really in the best interest of your body and helping to maintain your good health? Or, would a wiser choice to be getting up and doing something a little bit more active?

Whether you’re sitting, standing, or moving, good posture matters to keep your muscles working well.  And if that’s not enough motivation for you, studies have shown that the more you sit, the higher risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. We have to decide to sit or MOVE more to help improve whole-body health.

A quick 60 minute workout 2-3 days a week isn’t going to undo 8-10 hours with zero movement and poor posture while you’re tush is parked at your desk working all day.  Sit with good posture and you’re a step ahead to keep your body strong, fit, and flexible. Get a little extra time standing up and moving around and your body, and brain will be even happier.

Do you find yourself exhausted from a long day at work? How is sitting in front of the TV going to perk up your energy level?  Chances are it’s not. But, maybe that snack you grab will do the trick. Unfortunately, you’ll likely end up burning fewer calories because you’re too sedentary, while eating more because you’re desperate for energy.  Did you know that standing burns 30% more calories than sitting and you can up that number even more if you move! We have to make a conscious decision to sit or MOVE throughout the day.

Our muscles only get stronger when we use them.  We only get more flexible when we work our joints through their full range of motion.  Our circulatory system (heart), respiratory system (breathing), and digestive system all function better when we are active so whether we sit or move, our bodies are impacted.

Shift Your Mindset from: “I HAVE to Sit Down” to “I just need to MOVE for a Minute.”  Then I challenge you to follow the wise advice that just came out of your mouth and do it.  Set a timer, get up, and move for at least ONE Minute (every hour of the day)! 




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Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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