Side Bending Exercise Tips for a Strong and Healthy Back

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Functional Movement, Pilates, Videos | 1 comment

side bendMaximize the benefits from every side bending exercise in your Pilates workouts and fitness training routine.

We need our spines to support us while we move in many different positions throughout the day, and a strong and healthy back is what keeps us moving in ALL directions.

If you think about it, almost everything we do requires both strength and mobility of the spine.  (Standing, sitting, bending over to tie our shoes, reaching for something on the back seat in the car, getting things off the high shelf in the closet, etc.)

Generally speaking, we don’t do much side bending in our daily life activities, which is why it’s important to incorporate some lateral side bending exercises into your weekly workouts.

To keep your back strong and healthy, the spine needs to be able to freely bend forwards, backwards, side-ways and rotate.  If you’re not moving the spine in all directions in either your daily life activities or workouts, you’re missing out on an important component for a well-balanced body and better whole-body health.

Use the  side bending exercise tips in this video to pay close attention to your form and function to help maximize the work, stretch, and support for your body that side bending exercises have to offer.

And guess what… By practicing side bends, not only are you improving your strength and flexibility for a healthy back, but side bending exercises also help train your abdominal muscles for a stronger core.  There are LOTS of great benefits to adding side bending exercises to your workouts.




Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.

1 Comment

  1. aaonnorman

    Side bending exercise way seems to me quite effective for healthy back. I’ve never tried such way before but this convincing article tips encouraged me to try out. I hope such tips will work okay with me to have a healthy back. Thanks.


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