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Positive affirmations can help you improve your mindset to achieve personal success, prosperity, health, and happiness.   Motivation and personal development are key concepts to explore to ensure that you continue growing and moving  forward in all aspects of your life – personal, professional, health, wealth, relationships, connecting with body, mind, and Spirit.

Last week I had lunch with my Dad and we had a very interesting conversation  about life after death, and out-of-body experiences, and how they can be a positive motivating force for knowing our purpose, staying clear on our path.

To really take advantage of the short time we’ve got on this planet to enjoy life, and if we’re lucky… make a difference before we move on we’ve got to keep a positive outlook and “hold in the light”, our goals, hopes, and dreams.

I realized our lunch conversation that my personal experiences with things on the “other side” had been a little “darker” and scarier.  And that these experiences have had a dramatic influence on my outlook, beliefs, and actions.  I have been in my own way with a mindset that has been limiting my ability to trust myself, open my wings, and soar to achieve my dreams and reach my true potential.

So I sat down, and with a little help from The Collective (my Spirit Guides)  we wrote this piece for me to say daily for personal positive affirmations.  Then for fun, (and a little visual aid) I turned it into a video.  AND Then I realized that there might be somebody else out there who could find this useful.

I hope you find this inspiring for your own journey, and perhaps you’ll also be inspired to share this with everyone you care about.  One never knows who might need a little moment, or reminder,  to move “In the Light” to keep their spirits up, to stay strong through their personal struggles, to activate the “Law of Attraction,” improve self-worth and self esteem, and use the power of positive affirmations to jump-start personal development for a healthy, happy life experiences.

This version of the video is text & music.  I plan to post a second version with an audio track so you can listen to the words, since these are two distinctly different paths to help you absorb these positive affirmations.  But for now,  I encourage you to read the messages throughout the video to yourself, out loud if possible, to help you create new neural pathways in your brain and move away from negativity and towards health, happiness, and success.


I AM Living In the Light NOW

I AM a child of God and WORTHY to live in the Light NOW and Always.

I AM Strong and Centered.  My roots run deep gathering the energies of the earth to nourish my Spirit and sooth my Soul.

There are no obstacles in my way as I look forward, move forward, and move into the warm embrace of living in the Light NOW.

If I ever have a moment of doubt, I will but look into the light and allow it’s cleansing power to wash my doubts and fears away ensuring that the Sacred and Bless-ed reason for my Be-ing comes into Being.

My creative genius reaches to the light NOW, like the leaves of a tree stretching towards the sunlight, quickly growing, blooming, and blossoming to fill the world with an abundance of health, love, and light.

As I look to the Light, I clearly see the steps, tasks and actions that will be accomplished to support my Vision, and realize my dreams. 

I AM Clear, Focused, and Confident. 

I have all the Time, Energy, and Resources needed to  emerge as an Expert and shining example to myself and others that  life in the Light honors my presence on this Earthly plane.

I AM on the right path. I AM crossing the bridge, and bridging the gap from what I’ve accomplished in the past to what I’m destined to achieve NOW and in the future. 

As I step forward into the light I shed what has not been serving my life purpose.

I Embrace my WORTH.  I Claim my VALUE. I Act with Right Intention  and I AM SUPPORTED 100% with everything I do.

I can have everything I want and desire that is of the Light and that is in my highest good as a servant of the Light.  I give myself full permission to enjoy life, and live life to the fullest NOW and Always.

There is no hiding in the Light. I AM living life in center stage NOW.  I am a Shining Star!

I AM living in Heaven on Earth.  The power of the Light is mine to have, hold, and share.  Darkness is a restful place for me to recharge and gather my energies.  It is the balancing force that opens my heart to be a Passionate, Fun-Loving, Easy-Going, Healthy, Happy, Peaceful, Keeper of  the Light!

My Light shines brightly filling every corner of the Earth.  I AM living in the Light NOW,
I AM the Light NOW.  

© copyright MMXII Aliesa George.

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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