Pilates Training Tips: Getting Results

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Pilates Training TipsPilates Training Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Efforts for Better Whole-Body Health

How is your Pilates training program going?

  • Are you Really Working the Pilates System, or only doing a few “Pilates-type” exercises during your workouts?
  • Are you happy with how things are going or looking for ways to get better results from your efforts?

There is a LOT to pay attention to, to do Pilates well, and really reap the benefits it has to offer your mind and body.

Understanding the power of Pilates to help improve your whole-body health is key to ensure that you’re using it to your advantage to improve mind, body, and movement!

If you’re not sure that your Pilates workouts are heading you in the right direction, here are a few things to consider before you give up on yourself, or your Pilates program…  Consider these four Pilates Training tips to ensure you’re getting the best results possible from your efforts:

Pilates Training Tips:
Key Questions to Consider To Get the BEST Results from Your Efforts

1.  Are you working the Pilates System and doing BOTH Pilates Equipment training and Pilates Matwork?

Pilates is a SYSTEM.  To maximize the power of the system, if you have a healthy body, you will get the best results from doing BOTH Pilates equipment and Pilates Matwork workouts.  In fact, classical Pilates training specifies that you should be able to get BOTH your Pilates Reformer AND Matwork accomplished in under an hour for an efficient whole-body workout. Did you know that a basic Mat (approximately 22 exercises) can be done in 10 minutes or less if you’re confident with the exercises and are working at a good rhythmic pace!   Think it might be possible to find 10-15 minutes a day for a quick Pilates Mat workout?  Then you’ll have plenty of time to “play” on the Pilates equipment.

These days many studios have classes and training programs dived up by the type of equipment you will use during class.  And Privates may not always focus on blazing thru a workout at a brisk pace, but more time may be spent on fine-tuning your form or working thru particular goals or issues.  Yes the Reformer Rocks!  and yes Pilates Matwork isn’t easy….  Keep in mind that for you to  get optimal benefits from Pilates it will be ideal for you to know, and do, weekly workouts on both the Pilates equipment and the Mat.

If you’re not getting it all done in the studio, learn your Matwork as homework.  Pilates Matwork IS something you can do on your own and is an easy way to keep your Pilates program going when you travel.

2.  Is the only time you’re on Pilates equipment in a group class, or are you also taking regular (or occasional) Private Sessions?

Group Pilates classes can be economical,
but time spent privately with a good Pilates teacher can be priceless!

In group classes exercises are geared towards the needs of the group and may or may not be the best choice for your personal body.  Of course your teacher will be making the safest choices possible, but with more bodies to watch, you might not get as much help as you need to execute well.  If you struggle with specific movements in group classes, or find that there are some exercises that hurt (but you’re just grinning and trying to bear it…)  Schedule a private!  By working one-on-one with a well-qualified Pilates teacher, you can deepen your mind-body connection, and work to sort out your own personal issues or movement challenges.

Lots of camaraderie in a group, lots of focus and fine-tuning with private Pilates training.  If you’re feeling stuck, not progressing like you’d hoped,  have experienced a recent injury,  been in an accident, or just have questions that would be better addressed one-on-one, invest in your health and book some private sessions.  It might be once a week, once a month, or more, or less often depending on your body and your budget.   But it will be money well spent to ensure you are doing the right things to get the right results from your Pilates program.

3.  Are you only doing Pilates at home on your own, or only with videos and online resources?

I am 100% a fan of clients getting independent with their Pilates workouts!  However, if you’re only doing Pilates on your own, or watching videos or online instructors, you are missing out on valuable feedback from the eagle-eyes of a LIVE Pilates teacher, who is in the room with you, and can give you not only hands-on help, but personalized cues and exercises to help you stay on the path of continuous improvement.

No one should be co-dependent on their Pilates teacher…  However, if you can’t feel it, you can’t fix it – and getting help doesn’t make what you’re doing on your own bad or wrong…it gives you the power to improve your performance.  Get your questions answered, discover modifications or more advanced moves, and find a real live Pilates mentor to help coach you for at least an occasional workout and maximize the benefits from your at-home Pilates workouts.

4.  How many days a week do you do Pilates?

OK, answer honestly, because aside from good form with your Pilates exercises, this is a critical reason why you might not feel like you’re getting the results you want from your efforts!

How many days a week do you do Pilates?  1 day a week?  2 days a week?  3 or more?   In his book, Return to Life, Joseph Pilates recommends that the Matwork exercises be performed at least FOUR times a week.

Are you doing Pilates four days a week?

If you are, this article doesn’t apply to you…I’m betting you clearly notice the benefits of your efforts!  But if you’re only doing Pilates one, or two days a week, know that you get out, what you put in.  Sure you’re still going to get great benefits from Pilates two days a week.  Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a Day!”  and your new healthy body will take a loooooong time to change at this leisurely pace.  Most folks aren’t patient enough to wait it out.  So before you bail out and say,“Pilates didn’t work for me,”  How about committing to doing more, give it your best effort and add an extra workout or two a week.

Work the Pilates system, the system works!  Strive for Joseph Pilates’ recommended 4 days a week of training for at least 3-4 months, then reassess your results!  I’m pretty sure you’ll be quite pleased with how you look  will be able to see and feel the amazing results from your Pilates training program.  And then, you’ve got the rest of your life to continue with your health-enhancing Pilates training program!

Whatever you choose to do to improve your health, know that it takes discipline, and consistency to reap the rewards from your efforts.  You won’t be in shape to run a marathon if you don’t put in the miles before the race…  You can’t eat one “healthy” meal and expect to drop 10 pounds…  If you want to play a better game of golf, you’ve got to get out there and swing your clubs, again, and again, and again…

Why Pilates should be a part of your weekly workout routine?

Well, not only is Pilates helping you connect mind, body, and movement, but it’s strengthening your core, improving your posture and breathing habits, developing strength and flexibility, increasing body awareness, and enhancing your whole-body health.  If you want to improve sports performance, you’re going to have to train specifically for your sport, but adding Pilates can help fine-tune your form and functional movement to ensure balanced body development, and reduce your risk of injury! There are a million reasons why Pilates is a great investment in your whole-body health.  Keep these four important Pilates training tips in mind and you’re going to love what Pilates can do for you.

Know  your wellness goals, then buckle up, enjoy the ride, do the work, and let your Pilates workouts be the secret sauce to help you enjoy a healthy, active life!


Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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