Juicing Benefits: Help I’m Becoming a Crazy Health Nut!

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Green Juice Tastes Great!

Is It Time For You To Start Enjoying The Benefits of Juicing?

This month for the first time in my life, I’m JUICING!  And I’m afraid that I might be turning into a crazy health nut!  But the benefits of juicing are amazing.

I have to share with you that depression has played a major role in my life. Don’t like it, but it’s a part of who I am. I was so sad to hear that Robin Williams took his life. What a loss. He was brilliant, funny, really cared about people, and tragically battled depression. If you are not afflicted with this disorder, you will probably never be able to truly relate to those of us that find it a challenge to stay alive, and unfortunately this has always been a taboo topic to talk about. But we really shouldn’t keep it in the closet. Developing a good support system is critical. Some of the support needs to come from others, but we also have to take an active roll in supporting our own health – mental, spiritual, and physical.  Why am I sharing this with you?  Because the day I reached the end of my rope – was the day I started a water fast, which ultimately led me to try  juicing.

So for the past almost-fifty years, how have I managed my depression? Exercise has helped to keep me balanced. The harder I work out, the better I feel about being IN my body. Pilates has been a lifesaver! Not only deepening the connection between my mind, body, and spirit – but also being able to pay it forward and help others. Meditation and working on my mindset… (and let me tell you, this is a huge challenge. A depressed brain can really go on a rampage!) And this month for the first time in my life, yep – the new healthy thing for my body – green juice!  I’ve always looked at folks who juice as granola-type, hippy, health nuts.  Sure I want to be healthy, but is green juice really the answer?  And is juicing worth the effort? 

What we do physically matters, what we think matters, and what we choose to eat and drink matters.  In the past, I was afraid of what green juice would taste like, and ugh, the mess and clean-up.  Plus it seemed like such a waste of perfectly tasty fruits and vegetables.  And then boo hoo, poor me… with lots of inflammatory challenges, food allergies, and sensitivities, it’s been along time since I’ve even been able to eat many fruits and vegetables – my system just hasn’t been able to tolerate them.  But depressed and desperate for change, I wanted to feel better and take control of my body  so I decided to give juicing a try.

Juicing has been an interesting journey so far.  I’m on day 17, my original goal was 30 days.  And while I started juice-only, it became apparent after 5 days, that my body really needed something to eat.  So I’ve continued with my juicing, and added in a little protein with a meal or two a day.  Think I actually lost about 10 pounds in my first week.  The belly bloating that I’ve been unable to get rid of is starting to disappear,  and whats most important – I FEEL better.

Juicing Benefits

Here are my biggest A-Ha Moments: (which lead me to believe I’m over the edge and moving into the crazy health nut category)

  • Green Juice tastes GREAT!
  • I am fuller and eating smaller portions when I drink my juice.
  • I can’t imagine actually eating the amount of fruits and vegetables that I’m able to drink in a couple glasses of juice a day.
  • I am getting way more nutrition in my juice than I could ever eat.
  • While my system has not been able to handle leafy greens to eat – I’m not having any difficulties with leafy green juice!  YIPEE!
  • With a really good slow masticating juicer – there is not a huge amount of  wasted materiel.  (But I’ve got a composter on my wish list to handle the scraps.)
  • I can actually see myself drinking green juice daily for the rest of my life!

My energy level is great.  I’m sleeping better.  I’m exercising consistently.  I actually am waking up in the morning refreshed and ready to start the day, the fog of my depression has lifted.  Is it ALL about the green juice?  Probably not, but do I think my efforts juicing are worth it?  Most definitely!

We’re in a “who has time” to cook society and the fast-food mentality is wreaking havoc on our health.  I’ve discovered that juicing takes time – HA.  Just like cooking!  But it’s thoughtful time, doing something that is actively contributing to ME taking care of ME.  I think a big part of the issue is not only making good choices, but actually making time to do things that make a difference for good health.  Wishing things were better is great, but working to make a difference will get better results.  I’m now a convert and on the bandwagon for juicing.  Want to feel better?  Consider giving juicing a try!

Be on the lookout for my favorite juicing recipes to be posted here soon…

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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