Cueing the Core – Kathleen Stanford Grant’s “Song” for Pilates Students

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One of my favorite memories of working with Kathy Grant for the few blessed privileged times I had to be with her at the PMA conferences, was getting to learn and experience the visualizations, and techniques Kathy had for organizing the body and teaching good movement.  Kathy’s Pilates “song,” her series of Cats, “hello, my name is….,” and so many other techniques and exercises she had to share were so very challenging, and so FABULOUS!

I always thought I was strong, fit, and flexible until I was stretched out on the mat in one of Kathy’s Master classes.  She was great at quickly being able to point out my weaknesses and ways that my body needed to continue working on to move better.  With awe, I’d watch students that had spent years training with Kathy, and how easily they were able to execute what were “basic” skills in Kathy’s repertoire, and to me (and many others) seemed darn near impossible.  But I always had hope that with practice, I too could utilize the power of Kathy’s techniques to improve my movement habits, and fine-tune my Pilates body.

If you aren’t familiar with the work of Kathy Grant, she was a dancer, choreographer and protégé of Joseph Pilates.  She began teaching Pilates in 1957, and taught until her death in 2010.  An amazing woman, who had brilliant ways for helping bodies move well, learn how to lever good movement, ride the breath, and make the most of every minute of a Pilates workout.

Here’s a link to a post from fellow Pilates teacher, Larry Hall, with a description of Kathy’s “Song.”  If you’re looking for some new cues to try with your clients, or a refresher for yourself on Kathy’s “Song” for imagery and visualization to organize and support the body, I hope you enjoy reading this post and practicing cuing the core with Kathy’s “song.”


LINK for the article.

Kathleen Stanford Grant – Let’s Remember Her Song

Repost from Larry Hall

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