Choose to MOVE: What Movement Means for Whole-Body Health

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Choose to MOVE your muscles to stay strong, healthy, & fit!Choose to MOVE your muscles to stay strong, healthy, & fit!

As we head into a NEW Year, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts about choosing to MOVE, and what movement means for your whole-body health.  Kicking off a new year, gives us a clean slate, a fresh start, it’s a moment in time when many people get re-energized and re-commit to doing a better job in the coming year of taking care of themselves..  This is a wonderful thing to do.  But it’s not just saying it that matters!  It’s putting your thoughts into ACTION and following through.  Every day we make choices with what we think, what we say, and what we do.  The question becomes, are these three things congruent to move you forward, or causing you to self-sabotage your success?

My wish for you in the coming year, or whenever it is that you stumble across this blog post, is that starting TODAY, you will make a promise to yourself to stay committed, to keeping YOU Healthy!

You can do it!  Just keep taking one small step at a time to move you forward.  Every choice you make is a decision that will be moving you closer to your goals or farther away.  So take a moment and pause before you eat that next cookie, or skip a workout, and ask yourself, “Is this decision serving my highest good, and my desire to achieve my goals?”  If the answer is “YES,” then proceed.  But if it’s “NO,” then perhaps you might want to reconsider the choice you are about to make…

Here’s what the word MOVE means to me:

Muscles Only Value Exercise

Yep, it’s hard to deny this!  The road to a strong, fit, and flexible body is MOVEMENT!  Without it we become incapable of taking care of ourselves, and our physical health on every level becomes compromised.

Movement and exercise not only develops a stronger body, but it improves the health of your heart and lungs, helps to regulate your blood sugars, aids digestion, improves your posture, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, aids concentration, alleviates depression, and so much more…

Having a healthy body with balanced muscle development, will reduce your risk of injury, alleviate aches and pains, and allow you to do what you want, when you want for a healthy and active lifestyle.  If something hurts or you’re injured and you stop moving because of it, that may be the best choice for a bit, but eventually, you’re going to have to get back after it.  (and probably work a little harder to re-balance your muscles to ensure a complete recovery.)  Everybody has dominant and weaker muscles, the problem is we tend to always play to our strengths.  Keep in mind that if you focus on moving some muscles, but don’t adequately work your entire body!  Sooner or later, you can expect to be sitting on the sidelines, or running to the doctor scrambling to get your good health back.


  • Learn how to find and fire the right muscles in sequence to ensure that you are really maximizing your MOVEment training time.  This is a great investment in your whole-body health.  Seek the help of a Movement Mentor to help you become more aware of your good and bad habits so you can make every minute of every workout really count.  Find a great Pilates teacher, personal trainer, or functional movement specialist to coach and train you.
  • Learn to listen to what your body needs, and then take action.  This can be the best give you give to yourself.  Do this for you not just every-once-in-a-while, but every day, because you’re WORTH it, and it’s the best way to ensure you keep moving forward for improved whole-body health!
  • Discover how powerful it is to LIVE in a Healthy Body that can MOVE with grace and ease!

As you formulate your wellness plan, and set new goals for the New Year, remember that Muscles Only Value Exercise.  To enjoy optimal whole-body health, and maintain a healthy and active life, you’re going to have to CHOOSE to make exercise, (with a focus on developing healthy movement habits,) a regular part of each and every day!  Make a commitment to yourself to keep MOVING for a lifetime of good health.


Get your New Year’s health improvement commitment started with Pulse-Power! the Daily Dozen 10-Minute Workout Plan.  Download a copy today, and choose to MOVE.

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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