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A Mind Shift to See Your Beautiful True Self

Young Girl Playing By HerselfAwareness is such a cool thing!  We all know the world is a little warped when it comes to looking at physical beauty.   Our perception on beauty and perspective needs a serious mind shift.

Models in magazines are itty-bitty, making us regular-sized gals feel like the curves that we’ve got or the “meat on our bones” makes us ugly and gives us the perception that we’re “fat.”   Or worse, that without breast implants, Botox, or other beautifying surgeries to change how we look, we’re not pretty.

Maybe we were teased growing up about our freckles, dimples, color of our hair, how our legs looked….
I can remember in Junior High having to scoot around in the lunchroom because one of the popular boys was always making comments  about my butt!

What we see in ourselves and what others see in us is sometimes is quite different.  I recently wrote an article about Features vs. Flaws.  Take a moment and think about what you see when you look at yourself?

  • Do you see the things in yourself that make up your beauty?
    (Features – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)
  • Or only the things that you think are “wrong” with you?

Shift Your Perspective to See Your Beauty

As a fun exercise to become more aware of your perspective about your body and what makes you beautiful, unique and special on the inside and out,  find a friend and take a few minutes to each write down on a piece of paper what you “see” when you look at yourself.  Then have your friend describe how they “see” you and write down on a separate piece of paper what they have to say about the beautiful qualities that make up YOU.   Swap and share with your friend what you “see” in them.   Compare the notes on what your perspective is, and what theirs is about you to see if you’ve got a warped perspective, or your personal beliefs about your beauty are truly in-line with your beautiful self!

When you discover what others “see” in you that you might not be noticing, it can help shift your mindset and create a healthier perspective for you “see” and believe the beauty of your true self.

Check out this very cool video from Dove, which helps to illustrate this mind shift beautifully!

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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