A Simple Hand Exercise to Balance Energy and Emotions

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Healing Hand ExerciseHelp Yourself with this Hand Exercise

Embrace the power of healing hands. We all know how good a massage feels, and how important touch is to provide calming, healing energy. But did you know there is a simple way that you can work with your own hands to help heal yourself?

I’m always so amazed to learn and experience the benefits of the mind body connection. There are many, many different modalities and techniques out there. In India when they work with healing hands it’s thru Mudras. But this simple hand exercises to balance energy and emotions is from the ancient Japanese form of touch therapy called Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Improving balance between the mind and body means that we are in sync or in “flow” not only within ourselves, but in relation to the world around us.

Our emotions are intertwined with the health and well-being of our mind and body. This simple Jin Shin Jyutsu technique can be done anywhere. You can work on one specific area, or do a whole-body balance by working through all of the fingers on both hands.

Eastern philosophies connect Emotions, Organs, and Physical Symptoms, a shift or healing can help bring everything into balance. Use the chart below to help determine which finger(s) you should hold for this simple hand exercise to balance your energy and emotions.

How To Do this Simple Hand Exercise:
Hold the finger that’s connected to the emotion you want to calm, or the organ you want to heal for 3-5 minutes while breathing deeply.

Emotions Organs Physical Symptoms
Thumb Worry, Depression, Anxiety Stomach, Spleen Stomach Aches, Headaches
Skin Problems, Nervousness
Index Finger Fear, Mental Confusion, Frustration Kidney, Bladder Digestive Problems, Wrist, Elbow, or Upper Arm Discomfort, Muscles and Back Aches, Teeth/Gum Issues, Addictions
Middle Finger Anger, Irritability, Indecisiveness Liver, Gall Bladder Eye or Vision Problems, Fatigue, Migraines, Frontal Headaches, Menstrual Cramps, Circulation Problems
Ring Finger Sadness, Fear of Rejection, Grief, Negativity Lung, Large Intestine Digestive Problems, Respiratory Issues, Ringing in Ears, Deep Skin Conditions
Pinkie Finger Overdoing It, Low Self-Esteem, Insecurity, Judgmental, Nervousness Heart, Small Intestine Bone or Nerve Problems, Heart Conditions, Blood Pressure, Sore Throat, Bloating

Learn how this simple technique has been used with Cancer patients in the article by Dyani Main and video you’ll find here.

Personally, I’m always looking for simple techniques to incorporate into my day for health improvement. This looks like a fabulous way to balance mind and body! Try it and let me know what you notice. Share what you discover by quietly breathing and holding your finger(s), or hands.

Give Yourself a HAND, and Have a Happy & Healthy Day!

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


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